Going to Stockholm

In March I will go to Stockholm, Sweden, to take one course at the Geology Department at Stockholm University. The course name is “Scientific writing in English” and it will help me with writing of my M.Sc. thesis which will be in English.

Therefore I have decided to start writing in English here at my little blog site.

It has taken a lot of time and effort to find accommodation in Stockholm for this study period. But I was prepared for that as things did not go so well the last time I was in Stockholm. Then I finally got a small furnished apartment in SoFo after the University intervened and helped me out. And it did cost a lot more than I had expected.  Now I have spent about 50 hours looking online, buying service from a rental agency (Bostad Direkt), probably sent about 100 emails and looked at every possibility. I will only be staying for 24 days and most people don’t want to rent for such a short period. I basically am in the tourist category. I finally got an acceptable offer from C/O Stockholm which is a personal short-term rental specialist. So now I have booked my flight and the accommodation and I am looking forward to returning to Sweden.