Enjoying Stockholm

For the past two weeks I have been living in Stockholm while taking a course in Scientific Writing in English. I am in the the process of writing my thesis and this course is intended to help me with that. I have realized that my writing takes a lot more time and energy then I thought it would take. My head is filled with all this information and when it comes out it does not come in an orderly way but at least now I have some tools to help me with that.

I have this bad habit of talking to myself while I write on my computer. This makes it hard for me to use public libraries or coffee houses as places to write at. Instead I have found a great spot in the kitchen of the apartment I am renting here. It has windows to the south and the light in the morning is just right. It is also conveniently near the tea kettle.

I like being in Stockholm but at the same time I miss my family back home in in Iceland, especially my two year old son. But there are only 10 more days left until I go back to Iceland.