Water sampling inside the pump shed at Hafralækjarskóli borehole
Water sampling inside the pump shed at the HA-01 borehole

I hold a B.Sc. in Environmental and Energy Science from the University of Akureyri and I am currently a master student in Geology at Stockholm University in Sweden. I am Icelandic and live in Iceland and work on my project from the offices of the Icelandic Met Office (IMO).

Work before going to University

Before going to University I worked in the IT sector in Iceland and my specialization was in Software Testing, Quality Control and Manual writing. I started my own company in 2002 with my husband who is a programmer. We put one product on the market, a virtual analogue synthesizer, but after my husband left to work for a bigger company and I decided to go to University.

Work while in University

Water sampoing
Water sampling from a borehole near Akureyri in Iceland.

I have been working somewhat while studying, first in the computer business but thereafter for my professor doing water sampling and analyzing. I installed a few analytical equipment in the water chemistry lab at the University of Akureyri and wrote User Manuals for them. I also assisted in teaching water sampling to students for the University of Akureyri and RES University. Most summers I have taken on summer research projects that are funded by the Icelandic Student Innovation Fund. They were all related to water in some way except one project where I spent a summer in a lighthouse near Húsavík looking at whales and their behavior to the whale watching boats.

Current study

Now I am studying geology at a masters level at the University of Stockholm, Sweden. My project is however in Iceland and I spend most of my time there. I have only needed to be in Stockholm for about 4 months taking courses.

When my studies at Stockholm University started it was in collaboration with the University of Akureyri but after the University of Akureyri closed down its Environmental Science department I went to becoming a fulltime student Stockholm University.

My advisor at Stockholm University is:

While the University of Akureyri was still a part of this project my advisors were also:

Hrefna Kristmannsdóttir still helps me out with my project even if she is not a formal advisor on it.

More about the project can be found here.